Bestselling Romance Books Review


Childrens books - Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin will be the story of the complicated love-hate friendship between two women. Rachel is a hardworking attorney, good girl, along with a diligent maid of honor to her best friend Darcy. But everything changes when Rachel confesses to Darcy's fianc´┐Ż that they has feelings for him and learns he feels the same way. As Darcy's wedding draws closer, Rachel must decide between her heart and conscience and learns sometimes you need to risk everything to be true to yourself.

Childrens books - Summer Secrets by Barbara Freethy is stuffed with romance, mystery, and adventure. This is the story of three unique sisters, the secrets that bind them forever, and also the summer that sets them free. Kate, Ashley, and Caroline won an around-the-world sailing race as teenagers but something terrible happened out at sea how the girls never forgot. Now a tenacious reporter originates seeking the girls out as well as their past threatens another and haunt them. It takes Caroline's willingness to right a wrong, Ashley's find it difficult to conquer her fears, and Kate's attempt to embrace life and love that may finally free them using their past.

The Bitch-Proof Suit by De-Ann Black is an exciting story filled with humor and romance with the charms of Dublin and Ny. When Blue Byrne is up against the The big apple fashion market and realizes she needs the most effective accessory, she creates a bitch-proof suit-no trends, just innovative class. This suit and her gutsy determination helps Blue win a coveted job in Ireland to manage the guy that broke her heart six years ago. In Dublin she meets someone whose past is connected with hers, an incorrigible rogue designer, plus a sexy coolhunter. With multiple men vying on her behalf love and a spotlight, her sex life gets to be a tangled web of misunderstandings, friendship, and rivalry.

A Submit the Road by Debbie Macomber is story around three women on journey to Florida: Berthanne Hamlin, her daughter Annie, and her former mother-in-law, Ruth. They are en route to Ruth's 50th secondary school reunion where she hopes to connect with the romance of her teenage life. Berthanne is attempting to regroup and reconnect after ex-husband Grant desires to reconcile their relationship after his second marriage failed. Annie is going to persuade her boyfriend she can live a fantastic life without him. This journey changes the lives of these women forever.

Her Perfect Revenge by Anna Mara is really a about Christina Matteo seeking revenge on party boy Bill Havenwood after he pulled a humiliating prank to be with her in high school. Years later the 2 meet and she decides to get even, but things don't go as planned when she accidentally crashes her car into his sports vehicle while tailing him 1 day. Not recognizing her, Bill blackmails Christina into helping him be in his father's good graces by pretending to him fiancee for one month. Christina agrees, thinking this could assist with the revenge she intends to seek. Christina's plans for revenge commence to get out of hand when she finds herself falling in love with her enemy. This can be a clever story of wits, lies, secrets and deception you're sure to enjoy.